Terms and conditions of useTerms and conditions of use

Offers and sales on our website ("fixdesignhorses.it") are governed by these General Sale Conditions. Products purchased on fixdesignhorses.it are directly sold by Fixdesign Horse Riding SRL ("the Seller") with registered office in Italy, 20841 CARATE BRIANZA (MB) PIAZZA RISORGIMENTO, 1, Tax Payer code and VAT no. 09070090965, Share Capital Euro 10.000,00 fully paid up. Our Customer Service will provide assistance with any information. Should users need further information they are invited to enter the Customer Service area. Details regarding orders, shipment, refund and return of goods are available at fixdesignhorses.it. Users can reach Seller at any time by e-mail at shoponline@fixdesign.it.

1. Commercial policy


The Seller sells products on fixdesignhorses.it and practices electronic commerce only with end user, i.e. "consumers".


The word "consumer" means any person using fixdesignhorses.it with other purposes than any commercial, entrepreneurial or professional business. If you are not a "consumer" please refrain from buying on fixdesignhorses.it


Based on its commercial policy the Seller reserves the right to stop processing any order placed by other entities than a "consumer" or orders somehow uncompliant with its commercial policy.


The General Sale Conditions are only intended to govern offers, transmitting and accepting purchase orders for products at fixdesignhorses.it between users of the fixdesignhorses.it website and the Seller.


The General Sale Conditions do not govern services or sale of products by other parties than the Seller and included in fixdesignhorses.it by means of link, banner or other hypertext link capabilities. Before placing orders and purchasing products and services from other parties than the Seller it is suggested to check the relevant sale conditions since the Seller cannot be held liable for services provided by third parties other than the Seller or agreement on electronic commerce activities between fixdesignhorses.it users and third parties.


2. How to finalise an agreement with the Seller


Finalising a purchase agreement for one or more products on fixdesignhorses.it involves filling the electronic form in and sending it to the seller by following the relevant instructions.


The order form includes a reference to the General Sale Conditions and the Standards on the Right of Termination, as well as a short description of each ordered products, the relevant price (including any applicable tax and duty), available payment and delivery options, any shipping and delivery charge, conditions for applying the right of termination, options and limit for returning goods.


The order form is an irrevocable proposal as per Art. 1329 Italian Civil Code to purchase the products stated therein, which the user is bound to for a period of 30 days. The agreement will be deemed as finalised when the Seller, once received the payment, processes the order and provides for the shipment to the stated address.


Before sending the purchase order form the user is requested to carefully read the General Sale Conditions and the Rules on the Right of Termination, print a copy with the relevant button and store or keep a copy for personal record.


The order form will be filed in our database for the time requested to process the order and anyway as requested by current laws. The order form can be accessed by entering “My orders” area.


Before sending the form the user is requested to review the information and correct any mistake.


The available language to finalise the agreement with the Seller is Italian.


Once finalised the agreement the Seller will receive the purchase order.


The Seller shall not process any order when no acceptable reliability guarantees are given or in case of incomplete or wrong orders or unavailable products. In said cases, an email will inform the user that the agreement has not been finalised and the Seller has not processed the order giving the reasons thereto. If the products offered in the fixdesignhorses.it website were unavailable or not sold anymore at the time of the last user access, or when the order was sent, the Seller will duly inform the user, anyway within thirty (30) days counted starting from the day following the day when the user has send the order to the Seller, of any unavailability of the ordered products. If the order form has been sent and the price has been paid Seller shall refund the amount.


Sending the electronic order form shall involve accepting and complying with these General Sale Conditions in the relationship with the Seller. If any term in General Sale Conditions is not agreed upon users should refrain from sending the order form and purchasing on fixdesignhorses.it.


Sending the electronic order form shall involve accepting and complying with these General Sale Conditions and any other information provided in the fixdesignhorses.it website, also in form of link, including the General Use Conditions, the Privacy Policy e the Standards on the Right of Termination.


Once the agreement has been finalised the Seller shall send a receipt of the purchase order by email stating the same details already included in the order form (reference to General Sale Conditions and Standards on the Right of Termination, short description of the product and details regarding the price, payment methods, right of termination and shipping charges).

3. Warranty and products prices


The fixdesign.it website only includes products by Fixdesign Horse Riding SRL directly purchased by the Seller from the fashion houses and/or authorised manufacturer.


The Seller shall not sell any used or irregular products or featuring lower quality than the market standards.


Products’ features and details are included in the fixdesignhorses.it website in each product sheet. However, pictures and colours of the products on display at fixdesignhorses.it might not correspond to actual features due to the Internet browser and the screen settings.


Prices might be subject to changes. Please check the final price before sending the order form.


All products are accompanied by an ID tag. Avoid removing such tag as it is integral to the products.


Should the right of termination be applied the Seller reserves the right to refuse the return of goods without tag or with altered features and quality or damaged.

4. Payments


The payment options and the relevant shipping and delivery charges, save duty clearance charges as per following art. 4.3, can be selected in the order form.


In case of payment by credit card the information (e.g. ID of credit/debit card or expiry date) shall be transmitted through encrypted protocol to the remote payment services providers. Fixdesign Horse Riding SRL nor any third party can access these details. As stated in the order form the price and shipping charges shall be debited on the user’s bank account when goods are shipped. The shipment process shall be activated only when the transaction has been successfully completed.


Any customs clearance duties, indeterminable but due depending on the regulations of the destination Country, are upon user’s charge. Fixdesign Horse Riding SRL shall not be liable for any delay and/or missing delivery due to incompliance to applicable law by the user; by sending the order the user undertakes to take any necessary action to fulfil the applicable requirements to receive actually the purchased goods.

5. Shipment and delivery

Details regarding shipment and delivery options are included in the “Customer Care” area. Please read carefully the information provided as it is considered as integral and substantial part of these General Sale Conditions. Therefore said contents are deemed as fully acknowledged and accepted by the user when the order form is sent.

The returned goods must be peremptorily sent to:

Fixdesign Horse Riding SRL

Piazza Risorgimento, 1

20841 - Carate Brianza (MB)

6. Customer care

Users can apply to our customer care service for any information. Details in the “Customer Care” area.

7. Right of termination


Users have the right to terminate the contract concluded with the Seller, by sending a registered letter with return receipt to be addressed to Customer Care – Ufficio Resi (Returns Office) of Fixdesign Horse Riding SRL within ten (10) working days from the day the products purchased on fixdesignhorses.it were received.


In such a case, the user shall return the goods to the Seller handing them over to the courier for sending within ten (10) working days starting from when the goods were received.

Download RMA module at this link: Modulo


The user shall bear only the costs for returning the goods.


In case of goods return the user shall incur the transport costs and the transport shall include a tracking service; any liability for lost or damaged goods during the transportation shall be upon the user.


Besides complying with the terms and conditions as per art. 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 e 7.4  the Right to Termination is deemed as exercised correctly when the following conditions are also complied with:

  • •       The products have not been used, worn, washed or damaged;
  • •       The ID tag has not been removed from the item and is an integral part of it;
  • •       The products are returned in their original packaging;
  • •       The returned goods are handed over to the courier and addressed to Fixdesign Horse Riding SRL within ten (10) working days counted from the day when the goods were received.


If the Right to Termination has been applied in compliance with the terms of this par. 7 the Seller shall refund any sum already collected according to applicable conditions and terms.


The sums shall be refunded in the shortest time and anyway within thirty (30) days from the day when the Seller has become aware that the user applied the right to termination. The Seller shall activate the refund procedure once the correct execution of the deadlines and conditions indicated above, as indicated in paragraph 8, has been verified.


If deadlines and terms for exercising the right to termination have not been complied with, as per this par. 7, the user shall not be entitled to any refund of the sums already paid to the Seller; however, the user, at his/her own costs, shall be entitled to re-obtain the goods in the same conditions as they were returned to the Seller. Otherwise, the Seller shall be entitled to keep the goods and the sums collected for the purchase.

8. Refund conditions and terms


After returning the goods, the Seller shall carry out the requested control as to their compliance with conditions and terms set out under par. 7. If the result is positive, the Seller shall send an email confirming the returned goods have been accepted.


Regardless of the payment options, the Seller shall process the refund in the shortest time and anyway within thirty (30) days from the day when the Seller has become aware that the user applied the right to termination, after verifying that the right to termination has been correctly applied and the returned goods have been accepted.


If the addressee of the goods as stated in the order form and the payer do not match, the refund shall be paid to the actual payer.


If the user returns any goods, the user shall bear the relevant costs and any liability for loss or damage during transportation shall be upon the user, as per conditions and terms set out in the right to termination.

9. Privacy


Details regarding personal data handling are available under Privacy Policy.


Please read the General Use Conditions as they provide important information regarding personal data handling of our users and the applied safety measures.


For any other information regarding our Privacy Policy please apply to: info@fixdesignhorses.it.

10. Applicable law and disputes


The General Sale Conditions are governed by the Italian law, namely Law Decree 6 September 2005 no. 206, Consumer Code, with reference to remote agreements and Law Decree 9 April 2003 no. 70 regarding some aspects of electronic commerce.


Should any dispute arise between the Seller and any user regarding the General Sale Conditions, the Seller guarantees full acceptance and application of the RisolviOnline conciliation service. RisolviOnline is an independent and institutional service provided by the Chamber of Commerce in Milano that allows for a satisfactory agreement with a neutral conciliator in a friendly and goodwill manner on the Internet. For further information on the RisolviOnline rules or any other requests please visit RisolviOnline.com.

11. Amendment and update

The General Sale Conditions can be amended periodically also considering changes in the applicable regulations. The amended General Sale Conditions shall be enforced and valid when they are published on www.fixdesignhorses.it